In the first month of the year, a jump in production was recorded

In the first month of the year, a jump in production was recorded
The sales record was broken in the last 4 years

In the first month of the year (with the slogan of economic leap), Pegah Bazaar Gostar Company announced the registration of Pegah Company’s product sales record.

According to the public relations of Iran Dairy Industries Company, in the “Virtual Record Festival” which was held with the aim of appreciating the effective factors in achieving this record online, it was determined that Pegah Company was able to record its sales record in April this year compared to Move the same period over the past four years.
According to the report, with the aim of creating a competitive environment among sales managers, launched a competitive campaign “Virtual Record Festival” and in the first month of implementation, 29 out of 49 branches covered by the company managed to achieve over 95% Weight budgets were approved.
Abdullah Qudusi, CEO of Pegah , praised the efforts of selected managers and stressed the importance of developing sales and planning, saying: “Last year, the company set a record for receiving raw milk, and this year its goal is to attract 4,000 tons of raw milk.”
He emphasized on preserving the dignity of the company’s human capital and added: “Pegah will once again improve its position in promoting the health of the society by relying on its specialized and committed human capital.”

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