Pegah officially opens new powder plant in Pegah Lorestan

Opening of the largest western country powder products factory In Pegah Lorestan.

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With the presence of Dr. Ali Rabiei (Minister of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare), Dr. Ali Roumi Managing Director of Holding, The governor and executive directors of Lorestan province the largest western powder factory in the country has been opened. The plant has been built to create more than 30 new jobs and many more indirect jobs in Lorestan Province. The company said the factory will receive 180 tones milk per day.
"I am proud of the important new investments we are making in Lorestan, Holding strategies are based on sustainable employment, along with admiration for respectable government policies" Dr. Roumi said.
Also, Dr. Roumi mentioned they are going to open the Aligudarz cultivating industry and animal husbandry complex with a capacity of 2000 livestock units and a total of 5000 heads, daily production of 80 tons of raw milk was announced as the second largest project of this holding in Lorestan province.

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