Pefundex 2017 The great symposium and exhibition of Iranian pension funds

During recent decades, pension funds have played a significant role in the world economy and they have enabled lots of profitable investment in infrastructure projects.

 The situation in Iran is the same and pension funds have great contribution in GDP and in direct and indirect employment. One third of businesses in steel, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, cement and transport in Iran belong to pension funds.

In Ministry of Labor we believe that pension funds and their subsidiary holdings and companies, can play a leading role for economic growth for the country. During last 3 years we made every effort to reform the structure of mentioned companies, and to achieve more transparency in management through enabling corporate governance.   

PEFUNDEX 2017 will be held on 12-14 February and more than 500 holdings and corporation in 12 sectors, exhibit their achievement and potential investment opportunities.

Meanwhile post sanction Iran is a huge investment opportunity, and the human resources in Iran are probably second to none in this region. The pool of educated, serious, hardworking labor force in Iran is probably the best in the region. This is the most stable place in the neighborhood. So it is an opportunity. A lot of people are already interested to come to Iran.

On behalf of I.R. Iran we would like to invite related business and international corporations to attend PEFUNDEX 2017.


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